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ICO Alert has worked with hundreds of different blockchain and cryptocurrency projects over the past two years.

Founded in 2017 as one of the first ICO-focused websites, ICO Alert has been established as one of the most trusted sources for information and services for ICOs.

As the industry has evolved, so has ICO Alert. Instead of providing the public with objective information on ICOs, we now focus exclusively on advisory and consulting services for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies of all ages and varieties. After helping hundreds of projects reach their goals, we are utilizing our knowledge and experience to assist a variety of blockchain projects in advisory and consulting roles.

“When I first discovered bitcoin in 2013 I was sure it was going to make a large impact, but I could have never imagined the ecosystem and community that would develop alongside of it. We love working with ambitious cryptocurrency and blockchain companies who want to help push this industry to new heights.”

Mike FinchFounder

Recent Blog Posts

Notable Announcements at Consensus 2019

Consensus always promises to be a productive time for the blockchain, and Consensus 2019 has proven to be no different! Here's some of our favorite announcements so far.

The Unshackling of (Virtual) Game Economies

Entire open virtual worlds now allow humans to interact within a structured social and financial system that simply could not be created previously within a digital landscape. One only has to look as far as science fiction movies like Ready Player One as an example of where we are headed. Ultimately, what will these hypothetical digital ecosystems, and their respective in-game economies, look like in the near future?

Huobi Launches Prime Lite, Selecting ThunderCore as First Project

After raising $50 million in a bear market, ThunderCore has emerged as the first project listed on Huobi Prime Lite.

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