At ICO Alert we believe in the power of decentralization, the entrepreneurial spirit and the need for communities and investors to work together towards larger goals.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain communities are some of the strongest across any industry and we’re proud to help connect top-tier projects with these powerful network leaders. It is our goal at ICO Alert to assist and showcase the top projects within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems in an effort to propel this industry forward and accomplish a new form of good in the world.

We’re here to help. We’re here to stay.

ICO Alert began as one of the first ICO-focused websites, offering information on ICOs for retail and institutional investors. Before this though, we used the website just for ourselves as a way to keep track of and invest in the most promising projects inside the cryptocurrency industry. As demand for our services and insight grew, so did we, expanding what we offer to both investors and projects alike. We’ve built our brand on solving problems and finding solutions for you, whether you’re a retail or institutional investor or a blockchain startup.

Today, ICO Alert is one of the strongest and most seasoned brands in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. We believe in the principles behind the cryptocurrency revolution and are excited to assist in the growth of the most promising blockchain startups.

The right tools wielded by the right people.

Mike Finch

Co-Founder & COO

Zach Quezada

Business Development

Dimitry Chesnokov

Business Development

Andrea Finch

Marketing Lead

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